Monday, November 12, 2012

Kids + bubblewrap = Inspiration

How to make a photo collage of the kids with plenty of texture and atmosphere? I was inspired to make this picture by a bit of bubble wrap. I thought, wow, that would make a great effect when soaked with acrylic paint.

So with my creative juices up and running, first I coated a canvas with gesso. When it was still damp I pressed the photos into it and the magazine picture of birds in flight on a beach to give it a bit of atmosphere. I painted in some sections of the background with acrylic diluted with Golden Fluid Acrylic. Then I started dipping the bubble wrap in pink acrylic paint mixed with Golden. Next I dipped the bubble wrap in green.

I was pretty pleased with how it was coming along but the colors seemed too bright and pastel colored for the effect I was looking for which was wisful, romantic, nostalgic and wintery, so I decided to tone the palette down so I put some more white paint bubblewrap effect on the picture to make it look more like a winter walk on the beach.

Finally, I found some bits of 'sea glass' in the stream behind our house and stuck them on to give atmosphere. How do you like it? I think it turned out pretty well.

Ta da! The finished piece:

So remember - don't ever throw out any bits of packaging - they can make great effects in mixed media pieces!

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My kids are my inspiration. They inspire me to create art every day and to try and be a good mom!