Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcycling into a Collage Dog

Today was pretty fun. I got it into my head to make a dog collage so I looked around the sidewalk for things I could put in my painting. I ended up with dried grass, candy wrappers, bottle tops, a squashed can of beer and all many of dried bits and bobs.

Then at home I went completely crazy and tore up lots of magazines and glued them down along with the found items. I made a complete mess. I love making messes but my husband doesn't like it. Luckily he was at work!

I don't think I am ever so happy as when I am paint splotched, with sticky, gluey fingers. Do you love working in chaos or are you tidy and clear up as you go along.

In the end my dog was so cute. All the mess was worth it. I have to tidy up before my husband throws a fit. There is something really exciting about turning found materials into something completely different, turning it on its head so to speak.

Bits and Pieces Dog, Mixed Media, 18 x 24 inches

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