Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Leopard Love

Roaring Leopard, Watercolor

Leopard, Watercolor on Gesso

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a fun and creative week. I had a pretty great week in that I sold my colorful giraffe painting so that was good. It snowed on Tuesday but I do NOT want to talk about it! I want spring and I want to see all the little shoots coming up in my garden.

I am still fascinated by wild cats. First I did a colorful loose watercolor of a Roaring Leopard who is full of vim and vigor and color. Then I painted another roaring leopard on paper I first coated with gesso. It certainly makes for a very intriguing effect - very textural and more muted.

I am enjoying experimenting with watercolor. I have learnt to love the way it just does its own thing - ebbing and flowing and pooling and dribbling. And sometimes I just have to rein in the temptation to remove sections of paint I have just laid down that don't seem right and instead just let it drip and dry the way it wants to because you can't tell what it is going to look like until it dries. What an infuriating yet fascinating process!

What about you? Do you like working with watercolor or does it bother you that sometimes it has a mind of its own?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Fever in the Air

Last weekend my friend and I were gambolling around my garden. Don't you just love my mock tudor tree house? Spring had sprung and we were extremely excited about it and hoped the snow was gone forever.

I was feeling inspired so I did this watercolor of a Cat Family. I'm really pleased with how it came out. It is for sale so email me if you are interested.

Cat Family, Watercolor, 22 x 30

Then last night we zoomed back down to sub zero tempertures and the wind howled all night. This morning my recycling was strewn all over the road and I had to pull all my trash out of a hedge full of brambles. I am sick of this windy, freezing weather, aren't you?

The cartoons I am doing for the Adventures of Mr Darcy continue. In this week's installment, Mr Darcy lends his wit and humour to the Mummy Blogger blog again with this sketch around the wonders of Brazilian waxing.

Hope it makes you laugh! I am so glad I am not a man I would cut myself every day shaving!

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