Friday, October 14, 2016

Coffee Island

Let me take you to Coffee Island

My daughter and I were messing around trying to make paintings out of coffee. It looks so effortless on those YouTube just dribble some coffee on paper and let it make a pretty shape but in reality it is a bit of  a nightmare... it tends to flow off with a mind of its own. After several tries I managed to do this one. The grasses/palm trees were blown with a straw so that the coffee spread out in tiny fronds. I added some blue ink as well. I call it Coffee Island.

Let me take you to Coffee Island
Where the rivers are lattes
and the sand is make of sugar
Where the waterfalls drip Pumpkin Spice Latte
And warm coffee cake grows like flowers.

Did you ever try painting with coffee? What kinds of results did you get?

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Guinea Pig at Buckingham Palace

Hello Peeps!!

We've got fine misty rain and gray skies and I've got a bit of a cold so I'm lying around watching Midsomer Murders and drinking lots of hot chocolate. I'm still working on my children's book about a traveling Guinea Pig and also trying to do Inktober. You are meant to do one inky drawing a day all October. I have done a few including this guinea pig guarding Buckingham Palace.

Anyone trying their hand at Inktober?

Here's another WIP, where the little guinea pig ends up Nanuvut, Canada.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Giraffe Kiss

Giraffe Kiss, Acrylic inks

I have had a pretty uneventful week. Someone told me they had lost 25lb by not eating sugar and that it 'wasn't very difficult.' I am always looking for lazy ways to lose weight.....not that I ever really stick to any of these things but hey ho.

I did okay with no sugar on Monday.

I ate three chocolate biscuits and some leftover bread pudding on Tuesday.

Wednesday and Thursday were ok as I just had some sugar on some Weetabix which doesn't count :)

Friday I don't think I officially ate any sugar, just, you know the stuff they put into ketchup, pasta sauce etc.

Well, it's been a week of swings and roundabouts. Maybe just eating less sugar is good enough!!

Have you ever tried not eating sugar and was it hard?

Here's my latest acrylic inks painting: GIRAFFE KISS.

You can buy PRINTS, CUSHIONS, PHONE COVERS etc. of this design HERE.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Guinea Pig Logic

I have to be honest....I cannot stop watching these two guinea pigs talking about pumpkin spice. They just tickle me!

I am very much looking forward to pumpkin spice latte weather and walking around wearing a fleece vest rather than walking about covered in sweat. I may or may not be experiencing those first hot flashes on the rocky road to menopause but it is also 95 degrees. They have had to close the schools because the kids were overheating. But I am still waiting and longing for Fall....

I am busy writing a children's book about guinea pigs...I can't really talk about it is about an adventurous guinea pig that travels the this space

I am afraid in the creative process I have more or less become a guinea pig and I am starting to observe the world as if I were covered in fur and walked on four legs and was covered in whiskers. Here is a piece I did called Guinea Pig Logic:

Okay I'm just going off to nibble on some carrots and hay....
Have a great weekend!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Burning Bacon

We are still roasting away here in Baltimore, waiting for summer to be over. We have some really cute houseguests staying with us at the mo. They don't use the washing machine, eat the food or hog the bathroom. They are just adorably cute and furry.

They are two lovable gerbils who just sleep and tumble all day.

We are petsitting them for a week. At first we thought we might introduce them to our guinea pig but we thought it might be too risky and we might end up with an interspecies war on our hands.

Does anyone else have a [cough] artistic temperament, especially when it comes to cooking? In that they forget that they are meant to be watching the stove? I always start cooking something and then walk away and start watching TV. My smoke alarm was deactivated a long time ago. Here is a recent debacle with some bacon. Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

I think I will try doing the bacon in the microwave from now on!

Jungle Girl, Acrylic inks

I managed to paint a jungle self-portrait this week. Even though it doesn't really look like me it conveys my tropical spirit and how I feel the whole world is full of bright colors.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Poppy Love

Poppy Love, Watecolor, 18 x 24 inches

And they called it Poppy Love....

I'm continuing working hard for #WorldWatercolorMonth and seem to be swept away with a floral are my Poppies ...hope you enjoy their lushness and boldness.

I do love sunflowers so much. Here I am dabbling away in my studio:


see more of my art at

Here's the finished product:

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Are you a Watercolor Addict?

Summer Bouquet, watercolor by Emma Kaufmann

Hello it is five days since my last meeting.
I find it hard to not look at something and wonder how it would look rendered in watercolor!
I can't resist buying watercolors.
I have A LOT of pads of watercolor paper.
I want to give it up......I just can't!
I'm a Watercolor Addict

I don't know when I became a watercolor addict...probably about five years ago. There is something so seductive about the way watercolor bleeds and runs across the paper. Some people are scared of it because it often doesn't do what you want it to do....but I don't care! That's what I love about it.

So hurrah July is World Watercolor Month and I am going to try to do a watercolor painting a day.....not sure I will manage it but I will give it a jolly good go.

Many moons ago I worked in oils but I just can't cope with them. I am too impatient. I can't wait for all those layers to dry and things would just turn all beige and grey. With watercolor it dries very fast, well it does here anyway as it is boiling hot.

Do you love watercolor as much as I do? Do join in on the Facebook page.

Happy Friday everyone!

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