Friday, November 13, 2015

Giraffes got Game

It's funny how in the world of arts and crafts there's always a hot animal du jour. For a while it was foxes, then pugs and now apparently it is giraffes. So what a thrill it was to see that I was having a huge surge of hits in my Etsy shop. When I traced where they were coming from I saw that my giraffe pillow was included in a sassy little list called 27 Things You Need If You Love Giraffes. So that was fab. This design can be purchased here also.

This week I have been thinking about snow and robins.

The ones we have in the UK are tiny little things and the one's in US are great big strapping lads but they are all cute.

So I did this one called 'Rockin Robins' of a gang of robins chattering in a tree.

Then I did 'Robins in the Snow' where the little birds are all puffed up against the elements.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

It's been a whirlwind of a week and I've been running around like a headless chicken or maybe that should be headless that thanksgiving is coming up and soon it will be turkey mayhem. Those poor turkies!!
I had fun getting on with an arts initiative to help kids. Disadvantaged kids at Free Arts Minnesota produced black-marker-on-white-paper drawing. The images were scanned and sent to BoomBoomPrints artists to complete in their own style.

These pieces will later be placed for sale on BBP during the holiday season. BBP will be donating the net proceeds from these pieces during the month of December back to FreeArtsMN. Each child will also receive a copy of the finished artwork.

Here's mine incorporating the child's art about. I call it 'Alice and the Flamingo in Wonderland' because Alice and the Queen used the flamingoes as croquet mallets. Although one person commented 'The white rabbit was a pterodactyl all along!!' which made me giggle.

So maybe the bird is a pterodactyl. After all, everything is possible in Wonderland.

Later on I did a bit of a creepier version of this painting. Who can resist the malevolent grin of the Cheshire cat......reminds me a bit of Tony Blair's insincere mug!

Here's me in the Cleopatra halloween costume in case you were wondering how the frizzy wig turned out. I did tame it.....but of course I glued that crown to my wig with hot glue while it was still on my can see where I am the end of the party the wig was stuck to my head but not too badly!! Only a few bits of hair were sacrificed to looking Fabulous dahling.

It's a nailbiting ending to the race!! My cushions are in the #ohhdeer #pillowfight and we are nearing the finish. Feathers are flying, horses are stampeding and my jockey uniform is definitely chafing. I need your votes people so click the link and share and even buy one if you fancy it - all these things give me more points so be a sport and click:

Here I come!

I might just make it. Thanks for all your support!!

I might just cross the finish line!

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