Pet Portraits Gallery

Here are some of my latest commissions. To commission a pet portrait go HERE.

12 x 18" watercolor, acrylic inks, pen

12 x 18" Drip portrait, acrylic inks, pen

Pop Art Pug Portrait, mixed media

Pumpkin and Pieface, Sumi-E watercolors

Brown Burmese, mixed media, 22 x 30

18 x 24', pastel

Portrait of Charlie, watercolor, 12 x 18

Daydreaming Cat, Pastel, 12 x  18"

When Pug Meet Chameleon 22 x 15"

Bruno the Pug

Ginger Cat and Daffodils - Watercolor 18 x 24"
Taffy and Sully, 22 x 30", Watercolor
Dog Lying on Beanbag, 12 x 18 " Pastel

Chase the dog, 12 x 18", Pastel


  1. What beautiful paintings. You are so talented. I just hopped over here from Blog Paws WW Blog hop and so happy I did. Your pet portraits are so purrfect! With eight cats, I can really appreciate the work that goes into capturing not only how they appear, but their essence as well. I will be checking back. Janet from

  2. I really like the use of vibrant colours within your images, keep up the great work! Emma