Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Does Coffee Improve Memory?

Hello Peeps!

I have been busy painting this adorable little bunny which will be available printed on some products over at Bohemian Coffee Club in a few weeks.

I met a woman at the gym today who I have known on and off for sixteen years. That was at 9.30. We talked a bit about how she was determined to lose 15 lb pounds and I wished her the best of luck. Then I went swimming. I went up and down for an hour and tried to remember what this woman was called.

It was on the tip of my tongue. I knew her name started with N or maybe M. Then there was a bit of drama I think a woman fainted or twisted her leg and was lying at the side of the pool. Then I trod water while I watched the paramedics come and take this woman to hospital in the ambulance.

Then I swam a bit more and tried to remember my friend's name. Nada. Nothing.

Then I went home and ate some friend mushrooms.

It is now 1.20 and I have just remembered this woman's name! It does start with N. Nicola. I think it was the grease in the friend mushrooms that kick started the old grey matter. I am 46. Honestly I didn't think my brain was going to pack up this early in the game. I am wondering what will exercise my brain?

I have heard coffee improves your memory. Is that true? I must say I do love the stuff and my memory is shot to pieces so who knows? I also did a coffee art piece called COFFEE SPLASH which describes my feelings about the invigorating power of Java.

You can buy prints of COFFEE SPLASH over at CURIOOS.

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