Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Naughty Mouse Christmas Card

Tired of the same old same old Crimbo cards? Well search no more because I've got a tutorial for a fun and frisky Christmas card that'll raise a laugh in even your crotchiest relative!

Who's been nibbling on Santa's cookie that was lovingly left out for him by the kids of the house?

Open up the card and find out that this cheeky mouse has had a mouthful.

Dontcha just love it? I'm mega excited because I'm entering my Naughty Mouse Christmas Card into the Christmas Card Craft Off - so hurry over it you want to join in the fun.

So now for the tutorial. Let's get started!

1. First take some white card stock.

2. Draw two large circles on the card side by side, overlapping the edge - as you want a straight edge for the card to stand on.

3. Draw a smaller circle inside the right circle - this will form the mouse's body.

 4. Draw a smaller circle here to form the mouse's head.

5. Use a bottle cap to draw the mouse's ears. 

6. Cut out a Santa hat out of red card stock for the mouse.

7. Draw in the arms and mittens of the mouse.

8. Cut out the card.

9. Cut out a mouth in a circular piece of brown card stock and glue onto front of the card.

10. Write: 'Who's Been Nibbling Santa's Cookie?' in the mouth.

11. Cut out 'chocolate chips' from black card stock and stick onto front of cookie.

12. Cut out a mouse's nibble on the lower left hand corner of the card.

13. Sketch in mouse's face with pencil and use pink crayon to color the mouse's cheeks.

14. When you are satisfied with your sketch fill in with marker.

15. Cut out a cookie slice, add teeth marks and cookie crumbs (bits of paper) from brown card stock and adhere to the card.

16. Glue red mittens, a pompom to the hat and write 'Gotcha' on the left inside of the card.

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