Friday, June 24, 2016

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

I've had a busy two weeks entertaining my young 2 year old guest who had me running around like a headless chicken. My daughters did adore having him though, giving him baths and feeding him and taking him swimming so it was quite fun in the end. But don't toddlers have a lot of energy? I feel like someone should invent a machine to tap some of their energy and generate electricity.

So now I am putting my feet up as the lad and his family has gone back to Britain. Only to hear the news about Brexit devastating. Even though I have been here for sixteen years I still feel very sad about this especially as everyone was predicting Britain would stay in the EU.

Haven't had much time to paint what with trying to watch the lad. Every time I turned around he had dumped something else in the guinea pig's cage....potatoes, pencil shavings, washing up sponges ....I guess he thinks the piggie is a human garbage disposal!! Bless his cotton socks.

I did manage to do a quick painting of an owl though. But right now I just need to drown my sorrows with a Pimms in the garden

Happy Friday everyone!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Eye of the Leopard

Inspiration struck to paint a leopard a little bit try and get to his energy and really make it sing. I used watercolor and black pen (but first a bit of masking fluid for the whiskers etc).

Visitors from England are arriving on Monday and I am bracing myself. They are bringing my 2 year old nephew Jack and I will watch him some of the time as my teen kids are still in school (after that they can watch him). I was not apprehensive or nervous about having kids fifteen years ago and they were tumbling, climbing, very active girls. But I do think I have become something of a couch potato over the years so wonder if I will be able to keep up with Jack at my age!!

Those were the days my friend. When I had my two little girls I would often be mistaken for the nanny at the playground. Maybe because I had an English accent in the USA or maybe it was down to my dewy skin and youthful smile lol. But most likely because I did not hover around them when they were on the climbing frame like so many of those helicopter parents you see about the place, anxious and driving themselves bonkers with worry that something could happen to their kids.

Of course all the Hollywood moms have kids in their mid-forties...usually by gestational surrogate and that's fine because nannies are going to be minding them most of the time. But what about this woman in India who became a first time mum in her 70s just now? How would anyone have the energy. Although they say you become more patient as you get older. I just feel more tired.

Well I will enjoy hanging out with the young moms at the playground and having a good old natter about lots of things the modern moms are into and I don't 'get' like men in beards and skinny jeans and maybe eating disgusting kale and spirulina smoothies for breakfast. I just hope no one confuses me for Jack's grandma.

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You can buy prints of the Eye of the Leopard here.

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