About the Artist

Emma Kaufmann was born in London, England. She studied Art History and Art and spent many hours being classically trained, honing her skills in anatomy, life drawing and painting. She worked in PR and at art galleries until a meeting with Mr Right. Then Emma hopped the pond to Baltimore USA and got married, and has since birthed two children and acquired two guinea pigs.

Her passion for both animals and kids led to her becoming a portrait artist. She usually works from your photos but if you live in the vicinity she would love to come meet the subject (be it pet or child) in person in order to better capture his/her personality.

Emma loves to create portraits in pastel and watercolor. She can create a portrait of your child and your pet together - which is a unique gift for a loved one. She also works as a pet bereavement artist, creating wonderful memories of your cherished pet once he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Contact her to talk about all your portrait needs at emmakcontact[@]yahoo.com

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