Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe, Watercolor, 18 x 24'

I have been inspired this past week to make my watercolors look more brilliant and lustrous on the paper, so I was excited to hear about a nifty little product called Gum Arabic. When I worked on this cute little baby giraffe and mixed some gum arabic with the paints, I did notice that the colors were brighter somehow.

Gum Arabic seems even more exciting though when used to controlling spread of paint in wet-on-wet, so that rather than getting a big muddy mess of colors pooling together I was able to separate them to some extent and just get some nice bits mixing at the edges of overlapping colors. Here is a flying parrot I created using gum arabic mixed with watercolor. It has a rather nice, loose abstract feel to it I think:

Parrot in Flight, watercolor, 18 x 24'

Have you ever used gum arabic with watercolors? Did you like the effect? There are all sorts of watercolor mediums I haven't tried yet but which seem rather exciting: Ox Gall, Aquapasto, Texture Medium, Granulation Medium etc. etc......I will try them all one day!

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  1. The baby giraffe is beautiful! Giraffe are such awkward looking creatures!

  2. Both are beautiful, the baby giraffe is adorable. Valerie

  3. Love the giraffe! I have some gum arabic that I got to use with PearlEx. I will have to experiment with it and watercolors.

  4. thanks for sharing the use of gum Arabic (which I have never used but heard of). I ADORE the giraffe!

  5. Great paintings. Love the giraffe.

  6. love your work! thank you for the title! I'm going to use that!!!

  7. what a cute giraffe!! adorable :)

  8. Thank you for coming to visit me!
    My gosh-- your art painting are soooo beautiful!

  9. I LOVE the expression you captured in your beautiful giraffe. I like using gum arabic to, because I like the brilliance in the colors that you can achieve. Blessings!

  10. Fabulous art this week. Well every week but I really love what you have done.

  11. I love the baby giraffe. Beautiful color choices and is expression is so sweet.

  12. So the colors too!

    Hugs Giggles

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  14. Aww I love how you use aquarells, amazing art, and the colours are so many :)

  15. Lovely work! We saw you mentioned on Cody's blog (we love the painting of Cody!).
    Mommy just wanted to say you don't have to give up crumpets. They sell them in supermarkets here!

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