Friday, February 20, 2015

Toucan Play at that Game


Well things are pretty freezing around here. A water pipe burst the other day and soaked into a carpet. Oh Joy! After soaking up the water with about a hundred towels I spent several hours trying to dry it out with a hairdryer to no avail. Now I keep the room at the temperature of a tropical rainforest in an attempt to dry it out. I'm as redfaced as a prune and living in a sauna. Save me!

So while we are bracing ourselves for another pelting of snow we should I suppose count ourselves lucky that we do not live in Boston which has been hit the worst.

Actually I don't really mind snow all that much. As far as I am concerned it just gives me carte blanche to loll around all day in my jammies watching terrible television like Dance Moms and stuffing my face with chocolate hob nobs. Nobody can really expect you to work if it involves driving if there is heavy snow so I like to take it easy on snow days although I do get a tad claustrophobic at some point and need to take a brisk walk outside in the slush.

Did you know that on the other side of the world it's  CARNAVAL in Brazil !!! Yes, sequins, platform heels and the biggest party in the world !! The nature art group I am part of had this as a theme. So I put on my party hat and put on some Samba music - and got out my watercolors and acrylic inks !!

I ended up with this lively bunch of two macaws and a toucan which I titled 'Toucan Play at that Game.' When I first started painting it the paint started dripping which I didn't mind so I kept adding lots of drips to create a pretty pattern.

I'm sure you'll agree these birds are pumped up and ready to PARTAY!

And now I am linking them up to Paint Party Friday so come join the fun.

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toucan art for sale


  1. LOVE your "partay" birds Emma!! I hope all is resolved with your frozen pipes-yikes! Our next door neighbor called the other day to find a frozen pipe when she cam home for lunch! thankfully she was able to avert a big mess and got things squared away. We've been trying to run all our faucets now and then each day and keep cabinet doors and such open overnight, just hoping for the best in these arctic and record breaking temps. It IS nice that I can stay in for the most part and cozy up like you to jammies, art and tv :)

  2. Love the dripped watercolour effect. You were obviously inspired by the tropical indoor temperature :) I sympathise greatly with your cabin fever. Have my own version too and Jamie wearing biscuit eating can become a bit dull after a while. Not long till spring..
    Stay warm

  3. Nice work. Sorry about the snow and the carpet, sounds bad! Keep warm and safe, hugs, Valerie

  4. Beautiful photo of your cat and lovely art work. Snowy, happy and creative post. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your cat is so lovely and the painting is just gorgeous.
    Sorry about your carpet !
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Love the picture of your cat, she/he's so beautiful.
    Carpet flooding sounds horrific, hope it's all sorted out now.
    Love your vibrant painting, love the splashy, drippy background too,

  7. Oh, no! A water pipe. Our entire well pump system crashed last week. That was a mere $3000! I am amazed at how much we need water! I'm off to shovel snow...