Thursday, July 2, 2015

Don't be koi

This week has been a bit of a wash out.....pouring rain.....lashings and lashings of rain. I live near a stream and it always floods in the rain and my poor neighbor's shed slid into the stream!

Looks very surreal doesn't the tornado aftermath from the Wizard of Oz. It was really wedged in tight and they tried to pull it out with a crane but didn't get anywhere. In the end they had to smash it to bits.

I don't mind the rain because it means I don't have to water the plants every day. I did manage to create a fishy painting this week. The bubbly effect comes from an experiment with throwing salt on the watercolor paint. It was a really fun project and I left it all loose with lots of movement.

Koi and Lilypads  - acrylic inks and watercolor (with a pinch of salt)

Other than that there's a great article by a fellow fun Brit Claire Bolden McGill about me and my art entitled 'the Unconventional Expat' in the latest issue of Global Living which you can download for free here

Or easier still read it here. In the interview I give my unique view on all things USA.......including British v American parenting:

And finally.....I woke up from a nightmare and thought Trump was trying to be president.....tell me it isn't so.....

How's your week been? Was it a washout? Don't be koi let's hear all about it!!

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  1. The article is a hoot and sadly, so true! Never gave it a thought about the bathroom doors... Love your koi painting. Have wanted to try the technique of salt with watercolors but have not seemed to get around to it. Enjoyed my visit again this week!

  2. LOVE your painting and those colors! That does seem surreal-esp. when it's up close and personal! Glad it was only a shed nearby and not more although every area was hit differently. We actually had funnel clouds only a few miles from where I live and that surely! was disconcerting as it is rare here! Some nearby areas did not fare well as we did but all has been restored thankfully.

  3. Oh my, that is insane having your shed swim away!
    Love your koi painting and I've played with salt a few years back when I used silk paintings. It gives a great effect.
    Happy PPF to you

  4. Can't wait to read the article...this is such a jam packed post you had me laughing and almost crying....poor neighbours...thankfully it wasn't their home... phew... love the rain too we could use some, it's way too hot here!! Unusually hot!! Great photos of the shed....fabulous artwork and great humour... the Donald always makes me

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Your poor neighbour Emma! How dreadful. Your fishy painting seems very appropriate. Its lovely and has so much movement. I couldn't get the download to work. I'll try later. It must be strange making a home so far from hone. Do you iss the UK?

  6. Love your koi and fish painting. So colorful and fun! We're flooding here in Louisiana too, but that's not unusual. I went to read the article but it required downloading an app.

  7. Melisa......can you read the article where I embedded it on the blog post? Let me know if it shows up. What do you think of my answers?

  8. Paper Rainbow....I think you can just read the interview where I have embedded it in the post. Well I think for the first few years I missed the UK but then I guess to some extent you just adapt. Also I don't have much family in UK so it was easier to make the transition than for some other expats.

  9. Your koi painting is fabulous with the salt bubbles, Emma. Congratulations on the article. I couldn't open it because it said I needed permission. Another time I tried it said I needed an app. It doesn't show up on your post for me. I am sorry for your neighbor. That must have been scary for all of you to have so much water.

  10. Gosh that shed looks really strange! Fab painting and congrats on this article! Great!

  11. Oh no...flooding, storms, heat waves...curses of today.
    We had a long, cold and rainy spring and summer has been mainly rainy and cool - one week has been hot and next week it will rain again...
    I wonder what's in mr trump's mind - he's not living 'normal' life, how could he be the leader for all kinds of people in u.s.!
    I read the seem to be happy in u.s. - is it raining as much as in UK? :)

  12. BLOGitse.....Donald Trump is totally delusional!!
    Well it rains very heavy, tropical storms here in the summer.....a few days rain a few days heat....but it's okay as if it is just hot it is humid and totally unbearable. I must say I do sometimes miss the damp English 'summer'

  13. Interesting article. The Koi is wonderful. Blessings, Janet PPF