Friday, January 15, 2016


What a sad week, what with the death of David Bowie. I actually had a dream about David Bowie the night before he died so maybe I am a psychic. Not sure. I actually saw him on the cover of a music magazine a week before then and I remember thinking 'God he looks terrible.' Maybe he looked bad because he was suffering from cancer which he hadn't told anyone about. Anyway it was really bad to hear about the passing of such an amazing character.

I was a Bowie fan from about age 13. I loved everything about him. The fact that he was so wierd and so cool at the same time made him irresistible. I even saw him at his Glass Spider tour in 1987 at the massive Wembley Stadium in London but to be honest that was utter chaos. My friend and I were standing near the front looking up at Bowie dressed as a giant spider....very strange.....floating above us in a giant web. Anyway there was a massive surge of fans behind us, we were thrown forward and I lost my shoes in the mud. We got crushed, some people was just really insane so I don't really remember anything about that incident just losing my shoes and fainting girls being pulled out of the crowds.

Did you ever see Bowie live? What was it like?

To be honest 69 is not really that young an age to go and he packed a lot into it. What a chameleon. We're none of us as young as we used to be. I'm afraid I have become very absent minded these days. I looked for my car for half an hour in the car park yesterday - and my car is YELLOW. I also recently threw my daughter's retainer in the trash and later had to try and find it (nice). But mainly I am to be found wandering about the house with two pairs of reading glasses on my head asking my kids 'Has anyone seen my glasses?'

What's your memory like these days? 

So it was with some relief that I have learnt that the cure to Alzheimers and Dementia is to quaff champagne. Yes its an actual scientific study that says three glasses of champagne a day will do the trick. So let's all raise our glasses and drink champagne to improve our memory.

I'll leave you with my latest creation, Zebra Splash, painted with acrylic inks. You can buy prints etc in my Redbubble shop.

Let's embrace the ch-ch-changes is sad about David Bowie but I'm sure wherever he is now he is having a fabulous time .....

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  1. Here's to a glass (or three) of champagne. I need all the help I can get ;)

  2. Champagne! Well, I'm willing to try and see if it works

  3. Mrs if I could only remember where I put that bottle of champagne .....

  4. What a lovely zebra! Amazing story about Bowie... My memory isn't very good, but I'm not sure if champagne is the way to go at this point, but good to know!

  5. It saddened me too to hear of David Bowie's passing. Never saw him live but do have some albums. Champagne, huh? I happen to LOVE the stuff so although I won't be drinking that much it's good to know I can have it for health reasons:):)Your zebra is stunning!!!

  6. So sad so many gone this week!! Lovely heartfelt post!! I was a cohen, dylan, young fan more than a Bowie fan yet we all grew up with his music! Love the humour in this post! You sound like many of my often passes though!! Drink up and save me a glass!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. I saw David Bowie in Toronto during his Serious Moonlight tour... one of the first concerts I went to! He was a great talent...seems we lost a few of the good ones this week.

  7. Hello it is my first time joining PPF.
    Losing David Bowie is a shock...he had/has an immortal quality to him.
    Fabulous zebra you created.
    Bubbly is my favorite drink after water...thanks for the good news.

  8. Love the zebra. When you are looking for your glasses, remember all the others who are doing the same things every day, like me! I've heard that coffee is also good to fight memory loss, so cheers, champagne or coffee, what a way to go! Hugs, Valerie

  9. Cheers from my site!
    Most lovely zebra.
    Happy weekend xx

  10. Love the zebra, and i'll need some champagne for sure. will check you out on redbubble. i'm there too.

  11. I love zebra splash.
    I have to say I am terribly sad about David Bowie's death. Like you I have been a fan forever. The world is a bit less bright now. I am new in the blog world and new to PPF--nice to meet you. I am happy to find new art friends and glad to say I am a new follower. xo Dea

  12. What a delightful zebra! Did the champagne contribute? I will start tomorrow if I can remember to buy the champagne.

  13. I too, liked David Bowie. Is that photo of he and Elizabeth Taylor? It looks like her and I know he had a brief relationship with her years ago. It's a great photo. I've never been to his concerts but loved many songs by him.

    Great zebra painting. I love the balance of your colors! :)

  14. Lovely Zebra sketch - bright and energetic. It's so sad about Bowie - a real talent and not afraid to be who he wanted to be. We can learn a lot from that.
    Happy SS

  15. Bowie had a lot of fans, so talented and different. Your painting is fantastic.

  16. Creative artstyle ~ love the zebra and the colors ~

    Wishing you a Happy Week ^_^

  17. a fantasy zebra, quite interesting

    happy weekend

    much love...

  18. That Zebra sure looks Splashy!
    visiting from Sunday Sketches site

  19. David Bowie's sudden death made me feel very sad as well. I shared my youth with his music and now he's gone ... it's comforting to read your words about his "good bye" somehow it feels helpful that other people mourn as well.
    Your Zebra looks phantastic!

  20. Love your Zebra Splash. One of my often repeated anxiety dreams is of not being able to find my car. In a crowded lot I use my lock unlock button to make it chirp or honk for me.

  21. Yes please to a glass or two of champagne. Love the Zebra splash.... the colours are brilliant.

  22. Champagne you say? Well I live in the right country for that! #BrilliantBlogPosts