Monday, February 8, 2016

Superbowl Madness!!

We had an exciting Sunday. The whole country went completely wild for the Superbowl!! Even though I know jack about football I decided to root for the Carolina Panthers because they have a theatrical quarterback called Cam Newton. I don't really understand the rules of American football.

These are the basics: Using the down system, the offense has four downs (essentially four plays) to go 10 yards. If the offensive team advances the ball at least 10 yards in four tries or fewer, the team receives another set of four downs.

If the offense has failed to advance 10 yards after three tries, the team usually punts the ball on the fourth down (a punt is a kick to the opponent without the use of a tee). The other team then begins with its own set of four downs, traveling in the opposite direction.

But I don't really know what any of that means. If you listen to the commentary they talk a lot about tight ends. Are they referring to the posteriors of the players? It's all double dutch to me.

The game stops and starts every few minutes so that it seems like it was invented to show as many adverts as possible and that's OK because adverts are specially made for the Superbowl and they are really good so no complaints there.

Since I could not easily follow the game I stuck to doing what I am best at: stuffing my face at a superbowl party with chips, hotdogs, guacamole, pizza and other artery thickening delights.

Have you ever watched American football and do you like it? And what is a tight end?

In the end the Carolina Panthers didn't get anywhere (the Bronco's whipped their asses) but I felt like painting a big cat so I did this Jaguar (available at Redbubble)

It's great to find admirers of your work on the web. I was thrilled to read a great review of my shop over at Life with Peanut. So do go check it out!!

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  1. Your painting are amazing, I adore the fox one :)

  2. Your paintings are wonderful, as always. I have never watched American Football, and don't suppose I ever will, I don't watch football here, either!
    Hugs, Valerie

  3. Fun description of American football. Never seen it but it sounds intriguing.
    Wonderful colourful jaguar, I love the way you use colour on your animals.

  4. Jaguar has wondering expression, like it.
    Nice to see my favorit fox again‼
    Happy PPF and Valtentines Day ♥

  5. Amazing work! Happy Valentine's day.

  6. your jaguar is fabulous!!! I never could understand American football but I did somewhat watch it for hubby's sake while reading a magazine:) I did pay attention to half time and the commercials though, then switched over to Downton Abbey!

  7. You don't really want to know my thoughts on football. They wouldn't be very nice or lady like but I do so love your art.

  8. Very nice work. Love that jaguar. Happy PPF!

  9. Love your sneaky innocent looking Jag...I could see it on Tee-shirts...such a great image!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Although I have never watched a Superbowl in my life I must say I love that jaguar--fascinating use of colors. Love. Have a great weekend! xo

  11. Wonderful art as always!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Yeap, I still can't help you on a tight end but your description of the game helped a bit. I think I'd be with you at the party food table - and that big cat is just fab. Thanks for linking up to #pocolo

  13. You do wonderful animal art and this looks great.
    I know nothing of that game.
    Happy weekend ♥

  14. i love American football so much. i was able to do <a href='>split backs</a>, years ago.. but now..