Thursday, October 1, 2015

Emma's Dilemma

I have been busy working on a bunch of pet portrait commissions including this cute little french bulldog. Pet Portraits can be ordered here so please get in touch. I can create a colorful, lively work of art from your pet photos.

I also sell prints at Boom Boom Prints which mainly sells art and accessories for kids' rooms and every month the Boom Boom Artists have an art contest. This month the color we had to use was pumpkin orangey-yellow so I created this turtle piece for #BBPChallenge26 .......It was lots of inks and a ton of glue and glitter. Isn't she cute?

Other than that is has been raining cats and dogs here which I love although things are getting a bit hairy with Hurricane Joaquin. All I want to do is curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and lashings of whipped cream and snuggle under a duvet. It's times like this I really wish I had a fat cat or two about the place. That would be purrfect!

It's really wierd that I love cats but am completely allergic. I am even allergic to our two guinea pigs Peanut and Marshmallow but I still love to hug them. That is really sod's law as they say in England.

Marshmallow wearing a raspberry beret

Here's a limerick about my problem:

There once was a lady called Emma
Who found herself in a bit of a dilemma
Although she liked pets to squeeze
Their hair made her sneeze
So having a robocat was a breeze!

If you have a limerick about your pets post it in the comments!

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  1. Ok, there's one I knocked up just for you, but I will probably use it other places too!!

    There once was a badger from Twitter,
    Who decided he'd like to be fitter.
    So he joined a gym,
    Which wasn't for him.
    So instead he got covered in glitter.

  2. Badger....I hear you Badge
    the gym is the bane of my life. I'm always falling off equipment.
    That's why I still to water aerobics these days with the OAPs.

    [I don't understand how he got covered in glitter tho]

  3. Fun work and love the limericks! Hugs, Valerie

  4. What fun, lovely creatures. Love the pink baret, LOL
    Happy PPF xx

  5. Lol, yes I recognize that, being allergic but still wanting to cuddle our furry friends :) Gorgeous paintings and such funny and sweet photos of your pets!

  6. Very lovely paintings. I LOVE your turtle. :)

  7. My hubby and son are allergic to lots of things but thankfully our Shihtzu has hair and not fur so she's okay.
    I'm so impressed with your pet portraits because I've tried to draw my dog and it's so difficult. Well for me anyway.
    Adore the cuddling cats... purrrrrrrr!
    Happy PPF to you and your pets

  8. LOVE your dog portrait!! I am not a cat person, but last year a kitten adopted us...he ended up being very dog-like in mannerisms and have been an unexpected delightful addition to the family. But he has to stay outside because my husband and one of the children are somewhat allergic too:-/

    1. That's so cute that you have a little dog-cat member of the family. I would not fancy a robocat. Well I would if they could make it look just like a real cat....warm and furry ....come on you Japanese! you can do it

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  10. Love your turtle picture - lovely colours - must look even better in real life with all that glitter! I love cats too - my son really wants one - we were gonna get one, but we're afraid of the responsibility of pet ownership. I know what you mean about curling up under the duvet - perhaps with a nice art book and a torch!

  11. Very nice painting. I love the colors you used.

  12. you have really captured the dogs character

  13. Wonderful post and lovely essence in your pet portrait ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  14. What a sweet dog and I love the turtle! I'm allergic to cats too, but I love them anyway too...

  15. I love the limerick! The art, it goes without saying, is lively.

  16. I am overun with cats, i have two and i am cat sitting for all of my two daughter's cats so that is three more. Lovely art!

  17. Fabulous pet portrait...I just love your art so much!! Sorry your having such storms...
    stay safe!! I have a cat allergy too... but have had a bichon and a few multi poos that we loved!!
    Fun limerick!!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Lovely work, sorry about the allergy though!

  19. That's a cute portrait! Nice color blending...
    Have a creative week ahead!

  20. sweet portrait of the french bulldog. and love the photo of the cats and hamsters. I love cats and am hoping to adopt one someday. and thanks for the smiles with your limerick!