Friday, March 4, 2016

Siamese Cat and Butterfly

Happy Friday!

I've had a busy week finishing up this pet portrait commission of a border collie. It was one of those cute dogs with one blue and one brown eye. It turned out rather dramatic.

I also pained a Siamese Cat and butterfly. I was trying to do something a little different, a little askew with the composition. Prints are available here.

Siamese cat and butterfly (acrylic inks)

Hope you've had a fabulous week. We had lovely balmy spring weather but today it started snowing again. Oh well, it does look rather beautiful......

I also decided to post my creative workspace on instagram as part of the #meetthemaker tag - warts and all. I do TRY and keep it tidy but it always explodes into life! I do work better in chaos....I don't know why but I feel so much more creative in chaos.

Well that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.

Yes of course I can't find anything. And yes of course I frequently put my brush into my cup of tea.

Maybe I should buy these mugs as a reminder of what goes where:

Anyway it doesn't really matter. I can't kill myself as I don't use oil paints......

I share my studio with my guinea pig Marshmallow. I work to a background of squeaks and scrabbles.

What is your workspace like? Do you keep it tidy or not? Do you need chaos to function?

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  1. Beautiful work, love the cat with the butterfly especially. Chaos is just what we need!Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your watercolors! I have been into butterflies lately. It was fun to see yours.

  3. Beautiful watercolor paintings. The photo really is beautiful although there are only some differeny shades of colours. We also got winter back after few springish days.
    Have a happy weekend ♥

  4. Your pet portrait is fabulous! Well done! Look at you, all creative and cozied up in your nice workspace. :)

  5. ooh la la - you have a French guinea pig:):) Wer got a bit of snow here in PA too but it was only a dusting thankfully and it's gone now. Your border collie is so sweet-such an expressive face. And your kitty-beautiful! I just love the sideways glance and thre drips of colors.

  6. Absolutely adorable cat and butterfly.

  7. The cat painting is especially good. Well done.

  8. Wow! Gorgeous artwork! So beautiful and inspiring! Cute studio friend :) Looks cold outside! Sending warm sunny thoughts from Phoenix :)

  9. Your cat painting is terrific with these glorious colours and the splashy effect. Interesting that you have made it with acrylic inks.

  10. Wow love the dog and cat...such an amazing style you have!! Every single time we clean up our creative work spaces...the creativity for some reason goes into hiding...happens with the musician and the little baker... never fails...we talk about it often... it's as though we chase the muse away... seems they need the creative mess to feed their energy...silly I know..It's as though creative energy blows through my house...because we are all creating at the same time it seems!! Enjoy no matter what!! I use old jars for paint chance of drinking it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. the border collie is gorgeous... I had one growing up and this makes me a little misty seeing it... and the artspace shot is perfect... mine is a tiny studio so it is usually the only tidy spot in the house... anything out of place and it usually means I am tripping over it...

  12. You really captured the nature of the collie. Great expression. I giggled with the cups labeled. I need to do that myself.

  13. I adore your paintings--especially the one of the cat. My cat would do that...I laughed and laughed. Thank you! :D Happy PPF!