Sunday, October 20, 2013

Petworking for Beginners

Those who know me know I am mad about my pets - called Peanut and Marshmallow. They are guinea pigs and I am crazy about them. Here they are wearing raspberry berets (the kind you buy in a second hand store).

Picture 215

Picture 214

Well you know how it is. Maybe you have a blog where you post pics of your pets and sometimes you feel like some of your friends are getting a bit sick of hearing what your pet is doing every second of the day. Well have no fear there is a now a place where you can socialize with other pet fantatics - It's called Pet Pav and it's a wonderful place where you and your pet can hang out. Pets can get profiles and naturally Marshmallow has one if you feel like poking her! It's also a great place to find out about the latest pet products. Marshmallow also has a part time job when she isn't chewing sticks or squeaking every time the fridge opens as a mascot for my pet portrait business.

So this week has been filled with painting critters again. Don't you love this adorable watercolor of a Pug?

Have a wonderful artistic week. Happy Petworking!


  1. Thanks for popping by my blog-it's always good to meet another animal artist who is mad about their pets. I love that your guinea pigs have raspberry berets! Your pug portrait is gorgeous. I love the limited colour palette.

  2. Stella of @StellaMaybel also has a Petpav page. It's great!

  3. I love the little berets! How sweet! Super pug portrait with such a cool painterly style :)

  4. Your guinea pigs look very stylish in their French fashions. As to the pug watercolor, that is outstanding. Blessings!

  5. Great blog about Petpav! Thanks Marshmallow and Emma..

  6. Your lovely guinea pigs brightened my day. Raspberry berets, how stylish they are in their autumn/winter fashions.

  7. Great berets, your cute photos made me smile and brought back fond memories of our guinea pigs - they always went crazy when somebody opened the fridge door! :)
    Awesome pug portrait, too! <3